Real Talk: Is Nudism Sexual?

One of the most common misconceptions about naturism, nudism or clothing-optional environments is that they’re sexually-charged environments. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Does Nudity Equal Sex?

It depends on the context.

If I’m stripping down in my bedroom in front of my husband after coming home from a date night, you bet your buns that nudity in that situation is going to equal sex. We’re two consenting adults behind closed doors (or fences, hello backyard!) where nobody can see us.

Now, let’s go back a few years when I was pregnant.

If I’m in a public place, like your regular ol’ “textile” or “non-nude” beach and I pull out my breast to feed my child, is that sexual in nature? Absolutely not. I still believe in being somewhat discreet. I didn’t walk around with my breast exposed like I was showing something off or trying to make a point. I casually put my nipple into my baby’s mouth and fed it milk.

Nudity is all about CONTEXT

Now, as humans we are sexual beings. We are wired to want to reproduce. When we age, that desire to reproduce gradually goes down… but it never goes away completely. Ask a man or woman in their 90’s and ask if they still think (or have) sex. Their answer may shock you!

As a long-time nudist, I’ve become accustomed to seeing all types of naked bodies. It’s not a big deal to me anymore when I see a naked body. It has become my norm. Why? I’m naked as often as possible. Since I get to work from home most days, I’m usually nude here at home. The only problem with this are the days my gardener shows up, or I accidentally open the door to grab something because I forgot that the rest of the world will be shocked if they see me.

When someone’s just getting started by testing the waters of nudism, it can be difficult to separate sexuality and nudity. I totally get it.

Prior to becoming a practicing nudist, the only time I ever saw a naked man was when I was going to have sex, so naturally that’s where my mind went the first 5-10 minutes I was in a nudist environment.

Then, a change began to happen…

After a little while I realized that I enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun on my body. All of a sudden, there were no more psychological barriers between me and the people around. I couldn’t tell if they were wealthy, middle class, or had lower incomes. I wasn’t comparing my shoes to the women next to me. I didn’t feel self-conscious about my non-expensive, fake leather purse. It was as if all of us had blended into one giant family. No more barriers, no more separation. It was as non-sexual an environment as you could imagine.

Now, it’s normal for me and my husband to be nude in front of other people. Do I get a little excited when I see him nude? Yes, I do. He’s my husband. We’ve had a long history together. But does that mean we act inappropriately in front of other people? Absolutely not. We save that for when we’re in a private place.

What’s Appropriate for Couples in a Nudist Environment?

I get it. You’re in love. You’re naked. Maybe you’re on vacation or a day off… You’re feeling good. What IS appropriate behavior for couples in a nudist environment like Haulover Beach?

I heard a great piece of advice once: “If you wouldn’t do it in front of your grandmother, don’t do it in a nudist environment.”

I hope that this helps some of you with hangups you or your spouse have with regard to nudism and sexuality. Please leave a comment or any questions here and I will do my best to answer them!


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