Nudistički intervju: Nudizam mi donosi osećaj slobode i čini me bližom prirodi

Nudist interview: Nudism makes me feel free and gets me closer to nature

Milica (35) from Belgrade is a long-time nudist and her advice for our readers is: be yourself, spend free time with real friends and to enjoy life.

How and when did you become a nudist?

I always liked to sunbathe in the nude, it felt so good. Of course, I always made sure that no one would come across and see me. Most often, I liked to spend time naked in the sun at my cottage in countryside. Later, when I was in my twenties, I met a guy from Umag on the Internet. He invited me to come, and there I found out that he was a nudist too. He talked me into going to a real nudist beach. That day I felt really free and realized that I had big prejudices about nudist beaches. I learned a lot and understood that nudist beaches have their own rules and that nudists respect them, and that there is no sexual connotation about it. That’s when I realized that I wanted to be a nudist.

Tell us something about yourself, choose something that you see as relevant for this topic

I’m thirty-five, political analyst by profession, but I don’t like politics, so it’s not my occupation. I live in Belgrade and work as web designer. I live in an apartment with my long-term boyfriend, our dog, and we hope that our little “gang” will soon be richer for another member. My boyfriend is also a nudist. I like to travel, cook, read books (mostly psychology). I spend my free time with friends. I once heard that a happy person is the one who has at least one true and sincere friend in life. I am very happy because I have a lot of really good friends. I love summer, traveling, and as you can already guess, nudism.

What is your favorite nudist gateway and why?

It is definitely Kažela beach in Medulin. A beach with pebbles and stones. Next to it, there is a modest but very nicely arranged camp. Me and my nudist friends spend a few days there every year. Maybe this place is the best for me because of the great crew I met there. All in all, it’s the perfect vacation.

What is the public attitude towards nudism in your country?

Honestly, I’m a person who doesn’t watch television or read newspapers, so I’m not up to date with the public attitude in Serbia when it comes to nudism. I live in capital Belgrade, where people, at least those I know and meet, respect others. All those whom I’ve told that I am a nudist didn’t say anything bad, they were even very curious and asked me quite interesting questions about nudism. But I think that smaller cities in Serbia are certainly full of prejudices. So, I think a lot of people who come from the small communities don’t have positive opinion about nudism and they don’t really understand it.

Have you ever had any unpleasant situations as a nudist?

Yes, it happened in Montenegro. But it was my fault because I didn’t check the information about the beach up front. No need to mention the city and that beach, but it was a wild nudist beach. You get to the beach with trail road going through the forest, and when I got there I found four men. Two of them were about twenty years old and they were silent, but they looked at me with a very strange looks on their faces. The two older men immediately started called me names, shouting profanities. One of them started touching his genitals. I knew they weren’t nudists, and I immediately ran away from there. However, at the beaches where real nudists go, something like this wouldn’t happen.

Would you like to say something more to readers?

I would advise the readers of your site to be themselves, everything else is not important. It would be nice if we nudists could organize a nice road-trip and visit some nice beaches, maybe as soon as next summer. Maybe your site will help us to make that come true.

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