INTERACTIVE MAP: Nudist beaches and tourist centers on the Adriatic sea

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Ada Bojana is a nudist resort located on a fairytale island, around 14 km south of Ulcinj, on the place where the Bojana river meets the Adriatic sea. It offers 4 types of accommodation: apartments, bungalows, rooms and a camp.

The sandy beach is around 3 km long and 500 m of it has public facilities while the rest 2,5 km is wild, yet charming beach which reaches the border with Albania. A lot of people enjoy long walks on this beach to the border and back, which creates an impression this beach is constantly on the move. Only at Ada Bojana you can to walk for miles completely naked.
Most naturists spend their time on the official part of the beach where they can find the café-restaurant, rent sunshades, sun loungers etc, but when you get to the wild part of the beach, the visitors are mixed; nudists walk by their non-nudists counterparts. The closer to the border you are, it becomes less crowded, so you see a person or a pair at every fifty meters.
The whole environment of this island on the border between Montenegro and Albania is truly magical which explains the fact that there are so many regular visitors who tend to come every year.

Hotel Albatros is located in Ulcinj, a town which receives 217 sunny days per year. The summer there literally lasts till November, which makes it a perfect choice for a vacation before or after the season. Water temperature is mostly around 26 °C, so it is also the perfect choice for a family vacation. This hotel has two beaches, the textile one, and the other one, nudist, which is located just below the hotel, near the concrete path between the hotel and the shore.
The nudist beach is physically separated from the textile part and has been nudist for some time now. You can approach it by car or on foot from the hotel itself.

Near Utjeha and Ulcinj, if you go to the regular beach called Uvala maslina in the south, you’ll reach a small hidden nudist beach, which is only 30 m long. It is divided from the rest of the shore by big rocky hills, so visitors can enjoy the sun quietly and undisturbed. The ground is made of small pebble with concrete parts, which makes the beach very clean and tidy. Note that the so-called “wild beaches” do not offer rentable sunshades and sun loungers, so it would be smart to pack everything you need if you go to Uvala.

In the middle of the road between towns of Sutomore and Bar, there are two nudist beaches on the cape Ratac, which are easily accessible through a pine forest which separates it from the highway. Parking spots included. The nudist beaches at Ratac are located just beside the hotel Inex – Zlatna obala (AKA Golden Coast). Both of them are gravel beaches, as the larger one faces up the Northwest and the smaller one is located towards the Southeast. They are divided by the cape and on its peak, just below a hill, there lies the favorite spot for gay nudist population.

The atmosphere of this beach is very distinct, and what makes it that way is certainly companionship and communication among its visitors.
You realize that at any moment at least half of the visitors know each other.
It is almost impossible not to get acquainted with anyone, even if you it’s your first visit. Also, the regulars have their way of keeping the beach clean, and of course, keeping the adequate level of courtesy.
Keep in mind that Ratac is not the best place for those who like peace and loneliness. You might not even be able to fully stretch if you come here at the peak of a season. The before mentioned dense pine forest is a frequent getaway for intimate meetings, as well for the people that are not even nudists, who often come from the nearby neighborhood. Although the coastline is indented and it is possible to find your own spot, you must be aware that Ratac rarely offers solitude.

Čanj is located on the road between Bar and Petrovac. This place is actually one of the most known nudist destination on the Montenegro coast, although it doesn’t have its own real nudist beach. So, you can guess Čanj is very popular among those nudists who don’t lack the spirit for adventure for it holds a number of small, well-hidden beaches behind the coastal rocky hills. These small beaches are therefore very clean and after you put in a little effort, you will really enjoy Čanj’s nature.

One part of the beach Buljarice is reserved for nudists, and it is located just near Petrovac, on the 5th km on the way to Bar.
But you must remember that the rules here are very strict, so you could pay a big fine if you come naked to the textile part of the beach. The easiest way to reach this beach is by car (since there is an auto camp also), but you can also use the bus or even hitchhike to the town of Buljarice and then walk for another 40 min.

If you go from Budva to Petrovac, on the 7th km you’ll find a beach that is the pride of Montenegro’s nudism, Crvena glavica.

Actually, it’s composed of five small beaches, which are divided and surrounded by woods, and its name (Little red head) comes from the cliffs of distinctive red color giving a specific warm feeling.
Three of those five beaches are easily accessible, but the fourth can only be reached by boat. Nearby is a naturist autocamp equipped with all the necessities. Because of 1,5 km of a steep terrain, we recommend the car as the wisest option for coming there.
This beach, because of its colorful seabed, is very interesting for diving and snorkeling.

An autocamp and the beach, Jaz, is located on the road between Budva and Tivat. The nudist part of this beach is separated from the textile part by huge rocks, and the only way to the nudist part is through the main part. The biggest shortcoming of this beach is dirt and litter which is frequently carried from the textile beach by sea current, but the locals try to clean it whenever they can. You can rent sunshades and sun loungers in one of two local nudist cafes.

In the area of Herceg Novi, near river Sutorina there is a nudist beach of the same name. The beach contains a parking lot, café and a restaurant, and here you can rent sunshades and sun loungers as well.

The only nudist beach in Montenegro, besides Ada Bojana, that has a hotel is Njivice. It can be found a few miles from Herceg Novi on the road to Prevlaka. The name of the hotel is Riviera and its long stairway leads you directly to the beach, you just need to follow the FKK signs. The beach has separated textile and nudist areas.
The main thing about this beach is that after 5 PM it is in the shade. On the other hand, you cannot find any commercial utilities there, apart from one beach bar which is open at nighttime as well, which makes this location very popular for night swimming.

Although it is significantly smaller than the rest of nudist beaches, Belgrade’s Ada Ciganlija is the most popular nudist beach in Serbia. It is located at the very end of the beach, on ”the bungee side”, near the popular bar/reastaurant ”At the End of the World”. It is quite simple to find ― as soon as you come upon and pass the hedge fence, you are there. This area of Ada is also known as the cleanest one because nudists take care even of the underwater coastal terrain.

On the west side of the peninsula Sustjepan there is a nudist beach which is known by the nearby hotel – Hotel Croatia. From the entrance of the hotel just go down towards the sea and there you are, at the nudist beach.
Its rocky and unfriendly terrain is tamed by concrete plates, similar like the majority of the beaches in Croatia.

In the bay of Župa Dubrovačka, you can find another nudist spot, the island of Supetar, right in front of the town of Cavtat. Its rocky shore can be reached by a taxi boat and you’ll need around 15 minutes to get there. So it is natural to expect privacy in such hidden place and that’s why nudists tend to choose it over and over again. The sea around this island is very clean, there are sports facilities and a restaurant, and there’s also a hiking path which goes around the island.

Mlini is a very charming fishing village, located between Dubrovnik and Cavtat, and in its area you can find the nudist beach Betrina. You can reach it on foot, or by a boat, since it has a small dock. This beach is not jet discovered by tourists so you can enjoy its intimacy and peace. The terrain here is a combination of rocks and concrete and you can rent sunshades and sun loungers. Also, there is a restaurant near the beach.

Lokrum is a very small, uninhabited island near Dubrovnik. The most of its beaches are nudist because of their rocky terrain. Adventurous divers can jump off cliffs into the sea, while those less adventurous can enjoy island’s salty lake, ideal for children and non-swimmers. You can reach this island by a boat and there is a well-organized transport during the summer season. Lokrum is rich with forest vegetation and is under the protection of UNESCO, so on this island you can find a botanical garden with exotic plants and remnants of a basilica from the XII century, together with a convent that dates back to the XV century. The island has been a tourist attraction for centuries, as Maximilian Habsburg, the younger brother of the Austrian Emperor, Franz Joseph, had a country villa there, which still stands open for visitors.

Aprox. 6 km southeast from Dubrovnik, on the peninsula Babin kuk, there’s a beautiful rocky nudist beach called Cava, just beside famous Croatian beach “Copacabana”. It is very small, its shoreline stretches just over 300 m and it doesn’t include any facilities, except for one beach bar. From the Old Town of Dubrovnik there is a scheduled transport (bus № 6) which takes you to the hotel President and after that, you just have to follow the ”FKK” signs to get to this beach.

On the north of Dubrovnik you can also find two hidden nudist beaches around the village of Orašac, and they are called Pod Orašcem and Veliki potok. The latter one is a textile beach but in its area there are a lot of small intimate nudist beaches. In the vicinity is an autocamp Rudine and from the main beach you have a view of the Elafit islands.

The northern part of the popular beach Šunj is reserved for nudists and it is located on the island Lopud in Dubrovnik area. You’ll have to walk left from the hotel Grand for 25 minutes, and as soon as you pass a beautiful shady forest, you are there. Most probably your accommodation would be pretty far away, but it’s worth it. Šunj is the only sandy beach on Lopud so it is appropriate for families with toddlers for its shallow part, but don’t be fooled ― once you pass the shallows, the depth reaches up to 100 meters.

In the town of Slano, 42 km north of Dubrovnik you’ll come across the beach Osmine and the hotel of the same name. This beach is known for its many activities including kayaking, riding a pedal boat, volleyball, tennis, kite surfing, table tennis, basketball. There is also a playground for little ones.

Another popular nudist beach on the peninsula Pelješac is the one called Ostupa in Orebić. Its grounds consist of pebble and the beach has its own bar and showers. You can take a trip to many of the desert islands nearby if you want to try nudism for the first time, especially if you’re shy.

According to most of the visitors of the Pelješac peninsula, the most beautiful beach is Grdni do. This beach is a composed of pebble and sand beaches located in several lagoons surrounded with a turquoise color sea. Grdni do is located on the south coast of Pelješac, just near the beach Žuljana. These lagoons are facing west so at sunsets their offer romantic moments. The trick is this beach isn’t actually nudist, it is more of a mixed type, so there is kind of an unwritten rule among nudists and the rest not to enter each other’s territory. Also, this beach is not among those easily accessible, so you won’t meet children and old people here.

A small, uninhabited island of Badija, situated on the east of Korčula is perfect for nudists. It’s as small as 1 square km, and covered in pine, olive and cypress forests, while the beach is covered in rocks and pebble.

The biggest attraction of Badija is a possibility to rent a room at a Franciscan convent Badija from XV century, which is adapted to a hotel. If you seek even more deserted destination, there are several deserted islets to the north: Rogačić, Ručnjak, Majson, Gojak, Velika i Mala Stupa.

There is a road through the Pelješac and on its Northwest end is a small fisherman village Lovište, a true gem of untouched nature. The coastline is very indented, so there are numerous little lagoons and bays, favorite nudist spots. There are numerous possibilities for rent here and the traditional food offer is quite rich.

Proizd is an uninhibited island located on the entrance to Vela Luka on the Korčula island. The coastline is really indented and covered with rocks and pebble. There is lots of white pebbels on the sea bottom. You can reach this island by a taxi-boat or rent-a-boat and you don’t need to bring food along since there’s a restaurant with traditional Dalmatian dishes. This beach is chosen as „The Beach of the Year 2007“ by The Croatian Tourist Organization, and as one of the 5 most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast in general.

Untouched nature and sea of a crystalline color is the pride of the Jerolim beach, one of the beautiful beaches at Paklinski islands and considered to be one of the 15 most beautiful beaches in the world! You can reach this beach by a taxi-boat from Hvar and as soon as you get there you can find a restaurant with Dalmatian specialties. The coastline is also very indented, so you can find a more intimate spot and you can also rest in dense pine forest just behind the beach.

Stipanska is a rocky and pebble beach on the island Marinkovac, which is also one of the Paklinski islands. The taxi-boat from the town Hvar is the best transport option, and although having all the facilities you might need (showers, a store, a restaurant, etc) this beach is still considered as a good choice for those who like privacy.

Part of the Palmižana beach on the St. Klement island (in Paklinski islands, on the south oh Hvar) is reserved for nudists. It’s a very popular tourist destination, mostly because this archipelago is known for the greatest number of sunny days a year (and thus an extended summer season). These islands have a rather long tradition of nudism, so it’s more common here to walk naked than anywhere else in the region. Palmižana is 20 minutes far from Hvar via taxi boat.

On the island of Hvar, there is a nudist autocamp called Nudist, which is situated in a quiet valley 1 km away from the town of Vrboska. It’s surrounded by a forest and faces the island of Brač. This camp can accept up to 470 guests and its nudist beach stretches over 800 meters. Among other infrastructure, the camp contains tent grips, caravan houses, a store and a restaurant with traditional dishes located on the edge of the water. From this camp you can go via a taxi-boat to the nearby isle Zečevo.

On the south of Hvar there is a joke that the hosts will return your money if just one day of your vacation wasn’t sunny. Here lies the town of Zavala where you can find a official nudist beach. You have to follow the road from Jelsa to get there and as soon as you pass through the tunnel, you have arrived. Near Zavala there is a village St. Nedilja, popular for its extraordinary domestic vine and its well-hidden wild nudist beaches.

If you are looking for a proper nudist adventure, you’ll probably use a taxi-boat to get to the islet Šćedro, which is only 3 km away from Zavala. This picturesque uninhibited islet is officially protected for its untouched nature and a lot of hidden sea caves. There is a seasonal beach tavern ”Kod Ive” (At Iva’s) with authentic dishes from Hvar, which we strongly recommend. Also, if you og there it would be a shame not to visit a Dominican monastery which dates from the year 1465, hidden in one of the lagoons on the north side of the island.

In the last several years the island of Vis is becoming very popular tourist destination, and its nudist beach Komiža has also gained popularity among nudist visitors. Located in a valley beneath the 600 meters high hill called Hum, it belongs to the Komiža bay. In this bay there are actually several unofficial nudist beaches, and one of them is Nova Pošta behind the textile beach Kamenica, which can be reached by a forest path or by the sea. This secluded location would satisfy any nudist who loves privacy!

A small place on the south of the Makarska area, Živogošće has two nudist beaches. Nimfa, on the south, just by the hotel of the same name, and Dola on the north, adjacent to the auto camp of the same name. Dola is one of the most popular nudist beaches around here and it’s situated just in the middle between Živogošće and Igrane, another idyllic town in the seaside.

On the east of the Hvar island, north of the Sućuraj cape, in a beautiful pine forest, there is another beach named Mlaska (together with an auto camp) both nudist and textile. As far as the nudist part of the beach is concerned, the beach is sandy and it is located in the valley Mala Mlaska (while in Velika Mlaska is the textile beach).
Mlaska is facing the white beaches of Makarska seaside and the easiest way to reach it is by the ferry-boat line connecting Drvenik and Sućuraj (half-hour ride) or from Dubrovnik, Split etc. The autocamp is really nice, with the spots for tents and trailers, together with wooden 4 to 6 bed bungalows. There is a restaurant too ― with both Dalmatian and international dishes.

One of the beaches in Makarska seashore we don’t want to leave out is the pebble beach of Nugal. It is reachable only downhill through the forest called Park Osejava, and it is a paradise for nudists since it’s not so easily approachable.

For those who appreciate privacy Nugal is the best option, but bare in mind there is no infrastructure there so bring everything you need.

The St. Petar peninsula is yet another oasis for nudists in the Makarska region. There are both textile and nudist beaches, and it’s great for everyone who respects beautiful and very well preserved nature. The nudist beach could be easily found since it’s located just near the lighthouse. It is made of large rocky plateaus, so it’s perfect for sunbathing, while the sea is crystal clear. If you take a walk around this peninsula you’ll come upon the remains of the St. Peter’s church from the XV century, which gives the place a beautiful historic touch.

Even though Baška voda is another popular tourist destination on the Makarska seaside, just a couple of decades ago, it was inhabited only by fishermen and farmers. In modern times, this place has been turned into a luxurious resort that seems to have it all. The opulence is visible in high end hotels and restaurants, but the well-preserved nature remains the true gem of Baska voda. Every beach has its own pine shade and almost all of them have pebble grounds. The nudist beach is located on the south coast of Baška voda, on the way to Baško polje.

Right across Split, on the Brač island, you’ll find the place with two nudist beaches in its vicinity. The most populated town on this island is Supetar. One of the two nudist beaches near the town is called Zazubić. It stretches from the east end of Mutnik to the west end of the town Vela luka, while the other beach doesn’t have an official name, and it is basically a coastline from the west end of Zastup to the east end of Mala lučica.

The nudist beach Paklina on the Brač island is one of the most popular beaches of this kind on the whole of the Adriatic area. It is near the town of Bol which holds a very popular (textile) beach called Zlatni rat (Golden cape).
Paklina is made of pebble, just like Zlatni rat, and its other end holds a number of lagoons very popular with nudists. The conifer forest behind it provides constant shade and coolness throughout the day, no matter how hot the day is.

Also in Makarska, the beach Vrulja is surrounded by high and steep cliffs, so it is easier to reach it by a boat from places like Piska or Brelo.

Part of this pebble beach is reserved for nudists, and the sea is very clean, but significantly cooler because of the underwater springs of fresh water. Having in mind the nearby pine trees, you probably won’t need to bring a sunshade.

In the middle of the road between Split and Makarska, on the 7th km south of Omiš, there is a village Ruskamen with a hotel. There is also a beautiful pebble nudist beach under the pine trees with a nice gradual shallow entrance. The beach is surrounded by picturesque cliffs and rocks, and it is popular among wind-surfers, but also among those who love their holiday to be peacefull and quiet. On the other hand, the beach offers a number of activities like diving, snorkeling, water skiing, tennis, volleyball, etc.

The islet Šolta is a very quiet place located on the east of Brač and on the south of Split. It is covered in dense olive and fig vegetation and it has a really good accommodation offer, or (for the more adventurous types) unofficial camp sites. If you like wild camping don’t forget to ask the locals for their permission. Many beautiful lagoons can become your personal oasis and if you wish for company you can always visit the most popular nudist destination around, a beautiful unnamed islet on the west from Šolta, connected to the main island via taxi-boat.

In the west part of the town Split, at the base of the famous Marjan hill, there is a small nudist beach called Kašjuni.

It’s a perfect get away place, since it is only 20 minutes from the busy city atmosphere. From prying eyes it is naturally protected by Marjan hill which also offers protection from the south wind called Yugo.
Here you can find two beach bars, showers and change rooms, but no food. If you go further to the west, you’ll end up on an unofficial nudist beach together with many more secluded delves beneath the Marjan that are potentially nudist and only visited by people who want to be isolated from the rest.

Another unofficial nudist beach Medena is situated just near the village Seget, on the 4th km away from Trogir. The nudist beach is just 100 meters away from the hotel, near the textile beach. The beach is made of gravel and rocky plateaus, very convenient for sunbathing. Medena is best reachable by a bus line from Split.

Smokvica is a wild and rocky beach, located at the most prominent part of the island of the same name. It is near a small town called Primošten. You simply need to pack everything you might need since it is a wild and secluded unofficial beach, connected to the mainland via a taxi-boat.

The most interesting place for nudists in the Šibenik’s archipelago is the island Prvić and it’s easily accessible by ”Jadrolinija” transport from Vodice that takes no more than 10 minutes. The first stop is the village Šepurine, and from there you walk another 15 minutes to the South to find yourself on the popular optional-textile beach, named after the village (Šepurine). The small island is full of hilltops surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and maquis gardens. Actually, it’s OK to consider all the beaches here potentially nudist, for the entire coastline is one big unofficial beach.

The rocky beach Iza Andrije (”Behind Andrija”) got its name from small church of St. Andrija behind which it’s located. It’s adjacent to the town of Tisno on the Murter island. This beach has been officially chosen as the most popular nudist beach in Croatia. You can only reach it on foot through the pine forest which stretches along the entire beach. On some spots the branches of the trees stretch all the way to the sea, creating quite an idyllic scenery. On the beach itself there’s no infrastructure so you shouldn’t forget to bring food and drinks along.

Jazina is mostly a textile beach, but as many other Adriatic beaches it has its nudist area as well. The main textile part is made of concrete plateaus, while the nudist part is really something else: an untouched fairy-tale scenery with large rocks which are very convenient for sunbathing. The town Tisno takes great pride in its beach, which offers one practical trait ― a well-organized auto camp.

Although Kosirina is a textile camp, the majority of its visitors are open towards nudism, so it is common to take a walk through the camp naked. Two sandy beaches belong to the camp, one being naturist, while the other is textile.
This place is also known as one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic coast, mostly for amazing nature, beautiful sceneries and the proximity of the National parks Krka and Kornati.

On the south of Čigrađa (a popular textile beach), located only 1 km away from the town Murter, there are several nudist beaches. Those wild nudist beaches, as well as the official ones, Mala and Velika Doca are made of sand, gravel, pebble, and rocks, and are the main getaway from the crowd and noise of other more popular beaches. You can reach them mostly by passing narrow and sometimes almost inaccessible paths alongside the water. Note that they cannot be reached by car, you can leave your automobile in an auto camp called Murtela, located near the beaches.

At 2500 m northwest from the town of Murter, you can find the beach Podvrške which holds the title of being the most romantic one. Situated in a beautiful natural bay, it is suitable for non-swimmers and children because of the gradual shallow entrance and the sandy/pebble terrain. In order to avoid the kids from ruining the romance, the beach have several small lagoons for those seeking more intimate experience. The sandy bay Slanica with an autocamp is also near Podvrška as well as the hotel ”Colentum”.

Kozarica is a pebble nudist beach situated on the edge of the Pakoštane, 24 km to the south from Zadar. This unofficial nudist beach is actually located near the naturist camp Kozarica which is unfortunately no longer active.

For those who prefer sandy beaches, one of the best choices is Crvena luka, the beach 5 km south of Biograd. This large beach has its textile area as well, and you can find accommodation in a camp or a hotel and engage in numerous recreational activities. The north part of this sandy lagoon is reserved specially for nudists.

Only 2 km from the center of town Tkon on the island Pašman, right across from Biograd you’ll find a naturist camp Sovinje that has a 200-people capacity. The camp is located in the middle of a beautiful pine forest but it’s still very close to the sea, and the fresh air here is one of its most prominent traits. Visitors can choose between two sandy beaches with a rich specter of activities, such as table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, boats and bicycles for rent…

You can even rent a scooter, or a boat/kayak, or catch a taxi-boat to the islet of St. Katarina which is right across from Biograd. It’s a great nudist destination and all the islet is covered in exuberant vegetation.

On the island of Ugljan in Zadar area, just a short walk towards the West from the place Kukljica, there is yet another interesting nudist location called Jelenica, which is connected to the textile beach Sabuša.
Also, one smaller nudist beach is fitted in between these two beaches, called Small Sabuša. Jelenica attracts a lot of nudists because of its beautiful big rocks which are immersed into the sand. A several centuries old pine forest surrounds the area. This beach is reachable by bicycle, car or by foot, but if by any case you have a boat, you should visit three wild beaches on the North of Ugljan: Idula, Paranak and Tri sestrice (”The Three Sisters”).

On the far South side of Dugi otok, the biggest island of the Zadar’s archipelago, is located the nature park Telašćica and it is also the biggest natural port of all the islands in the Adriatic sea. Anyhow, this area is very indented and all the beaches that are not that close to the populated areas are actually nudist or of the mixed type. Nudists have a lot of spots to pick from, since there are is lots of wild, less accessible and rocky beaches just waiting to be discovered. This is especially true for Telašćica, which is surrounded by untouched nature. Near this place, there’s a salt lake Mir (”Peace”) as well as the islets on the South of the island, towards the National park Kornati.

The island Iž is located in Zadar archipelago as well, and the biggest town around here is Veli Iž. Right across from it lies the islet Rutnjak with an exceptionally beautiful wild nudist beach. Actually, the whole islet is considered a naturist destination and it’s mainly recommended to those who seek a peaceful and quiet holiday destination. You won’t find any accommodation here, instead you could settle in Veli Iž from and catch a taxi-boat to Rutnjak.

Alongside the town named Petrčane, situated North of Zadar and well-known for its dense forests, is a peninsula called Punta Skala. In the 80’s it was exclusively nudist, but at the beginning of the 90’s it became a textile vacation resort. Nowadays nudists come only to the part of the beach adjacent to the Planika Apartments. Although the beach sometimes can be crowded, it is very clean and laced with rocks. Here you can choose to rent a room in a hotel, a bungalow or an apartment.

One-half of the pebble beach Sveti duh (”Holy Spirit”) is also reserved for nudists. On the South from the beach, there is a small auto camp of the same name which has a good infrastructure (sanitary facilities, bar…). The entrance to the beach costs just a bit over half a euro. This beach is 10 km away from Novalja in the direction of the town of Pag, and just North of this beach you can find a popular ”party camp”, usually visited by people from abroad who are looking to have a good time. The coastline of this island is about 270 km long and it is very easy for nudists to find their own intimate spots.

Probably the most popular beach on the island Pag is Zrće, known for its clubs, bars, restaurants and flamboyant nightlife which earned it the nickname ”The Adriatic Ibiza”. A regular bus line from Novalja will take you to Zrće.
Even though it is a constantly crowded, the beach holds its Blue flag proudly ― a sign that the sea and the surroundings are perfectly clean. The main part of this pebble beach is textile, while the nudists find their place on the right, in the lagoons and all over the rocks.

Near Novalja there’s the Straško beach and a camp. Roughly one third of the camp if reserved for nudists. The nature in and around this part is almost untouched and the sea is pristine clear. The beach is of a mixed type; rocky, pebbly and sandy at the same time and its large part remains in the shades due to rich vegetation. The visitors of the nudist camp have the volleyball court in their area and also a bakery and a restaurant. For those who prefer being comfortable, there are mobile houses located along the shore, equipped with air conditioners, electricity, water, gas and wi-fi.

The island of Susak is well-known for its indented and colorful coastline which offers a lot of delves and lagoons, very popular among nudists. This small island (4 km2) is located to the West of the Lošinj island and it is considered as a morphological phenomenon in this area because most of its beaches are sandy, quite opposite to the rocky terrain. It is highly popular among the more adventurous visitors.

The islet Unije near Lošinj and Cres is famous for its wild beaches, irresistible lagoons, and sea caves. There are no hotels on this island and camping is forbidden, but there is one small village with just around 300 houses in which you can rent private accommodation.
There are no cars on the island and there was an airport strip until the year 2013. The main lifeline comes from a few scheduled boat lines connecting the islet to its mainland.

On the Lošinj island you can find a nudist beach Sunčana uvala, just 200 meters away from the hotels Vespera and Aurora. It consists of pebbles and rocks and a lot of beautiful Mediterranean flora surrounds the beach. In the crystal clear sea lives a colony of 150 dolphins, quite a tourist attraction. On the far South part of the island Cres, you will find the National park with quite unique surroundings.

Very popular camp Baldarin has its nudist beach Punta Križa. The ADAC/ANWB association gave this camp the title of The Best Camp Destination, as well as a special recognition for ecological camps. It is frequently said that this place is paradise for nudists, especially those, so to say, ”adventurous people”, since it became popular for its ”adult games”. This was one of the reasons why sex on the beaches is now strictly forbidden (and we don’t mean the coctail) on the whole Croatian seaside, but that doesn’t stop the couples from making out from time to time, as they enjoy Punta Križa. As far as other activities go, this destination offers quite a rich specter of sports, diving being the most popular.

The oldest nudist beach in Croatia is also one of the oldest in the world and its name is Kandarola. It is also known as the ”English beach” because at the beginning of the previous century the king of England, Edward VIII, and Valis Simpson passed their time here naked. The beach is 1500 m long and it is entirely made of rocks so the sea is pristine clear, offering great possibilities for diving, snorkeling and underwater photography. This famous beach is located in the place called Frkno, on the Rab island, and it is equipped with sun loungers, sunshades, showers, toilets, restaurants, bars and with the rest of necessary facilities, including a camping place. You can reach it by car or on foot, but the majority of people decides to come by a boat.

On the Rab island, near Supetarska draga there are three small islets and one of them is Maman, famous for diving and underwater fishing because of its crystal clear sea. The coast of this islet is sandy with lots of wild beaches. The most common way to reach Maman is via rent-a-boat.

On the Rab island, near the town Lopar, there is a very popular nudist beach called Sahara. Although it is completely wild and without infrastructure, there is a boat with food and drinks which comes here couple of times every day. The easier option is to reach Sahara by a boat, but a harder and more challenging option is to arrive through the pine forest and over the hill. After a half an hour walk, while following the signs, you’ll find yourself on this beautiful sandy beach which includes a couple of amazing sandy lagoons.

Anyway, maybe the most popular nudist beach, not only as far as the island Rab is concerned, but the Croatian islands altogether, is Ciganka (”Gipsy Woman”). It is also near Lopar. Ciganka’s distinctive traits are the sandy sculptures created by wind during the past centuries and amazing sea of turquoise color which washes against them.

So, it is not surprising that CNN gave it a prestigious title in 2011 of the most desirable destination for tourists around the globe. This beach is well hidden and faces the island Grgur, so most of its visitors come by a boat. You could reach this beach by car or on foot, but the last 100 meters require passing through a forest.

Bunčuluka is also one of the most popular nudist destinations and it is located on the island Krk near Baška.
The sandy beach has a beautiful pine forest in its closest vicinity.
Bunčuluka has everything you might need: showers, sun loungers, sunshades, toilets, a store, a good restaurant, etc.

On the South of the island Krk near Punat you’ll find a pebble beach Konobe with a naturist camping place that includes even its own sports fields. The beach holds all you’ll need: toilets, showers, sunshades and similar stuff. Konobe is very popular among tourists because of its wide offer of private accommodation.

Two kilometers away from Crikvenica and near Dramalj, there is a small peninsula called Kačjak with both a nudist and a textile beach.
You must go through the main beach to get to the nudist one and when you reach it, you’ll see that the nudist beach also has its two parts: one is made of concrete and other is rocky with a little bit of pebble. It is advisable to come here as early as possible since people tend to grab the best spots for sunbathing very early in the morning. But if you miss your spot, don’t mind it, for the area is full of wild nudist beaches, and potential nudist spots such as hidden bays, lagoons and similar places. The whole peninsula is covered with forest and rocky hills and you can pass it all from one end to another in just 20 minutes.

Another beach on the island of Krk, Malinska, is actually a mixed/optional one, probably because of its vastness. A lot of people like to come here since big part of the beach is in the shade all day long, but the main downside is the fact that the entrance into the sea is very steep, so this is not a place for families with small children. As well as the popular promenade Rajski put (”The Path of Paradise”), it stretches from the tourist resort called Haludovo, beyond the town Malinska and all the way to Njivice on the North of the island.

The Kovačine camp and the beach have nudist and textile areas and it’s located just next to the town of Cres, on the Cres island. The beach is in the middle of a pine forest, surrounded by olive trees, with a great view of the sea. Kovacine is mainly a rocky beach with pebbles. The main attraction here are the underwater sports, especially snorkeling.

Just near Opatija there is a nudist beach Moščenička draga, and also the town of the same name. This beach is never crowded, but it is recently becoming more and more popular. It’s surrounded by cliffs with pebbly and concrete ground and, because of its rather dense vegetation and position facing North, it is completely in shade, up until 4 PM.

Another very popular summer resort with around 10.000 visitors a year called Rabac, has a very popular nudist part. This nudist beach can be found on the edge of the resort, just 300 meters away from the hotel Pluton. This is certainly not a small beach; it stretches over approximately 1.500 m, with a very clean sea and seabed of rocks and pebble. Have in mind this beach is unofficial so you must go to the textile beach to get anything you need, which requires you get dressed if visiting the textile part.

Kažela is a large naturist camp stretched over 110 ha with around 1500 campsites, located 10 km south of Pula. Kažela has its own 2 km long nudist beach, made of rocks and pebble with concrete plateaus for sunbathing, and the large part of it is in the shade of the nearby forest. You can find bars, restaurants, a pool and even a wi-fi over there.

On the far South of the area of Istra, not far from Pula, there is a small town called Permantura, distinguishable for its long (9,5 km) and narrow peninsula ― Kamenjak. On this peninsula, a lot of not secluded places by the sea can be found, and they are by their nature predominantly nudist. The small delves and lagoons on Kamenjak are actually nudist beaches made of rocks and pebble. On the very indented coast, you can choose to which of the islets (The Archipelago of Medulin) you’ll reach.
This peninsula is a protected park of nature and you must pay around 2 euros to get in, but it’s worth it because of the good offer of nearby apartments, camps, and hotels.

Just between Rovinj and Pula, you’ll find a lot of small unofficial nudist beaches in the area of 6 km just along the coast, especially near the small auto camps Kolona and Mon Perin, and the old fortress Barbariga. The part of the shore you’re looking for is near the small town Bale.

The bay Veštar, located on the South of Rovinj, has its nudist part as well, situated on the North of the bay. It is made of rocks and boulders, which guarantee a clean and clear sea. That is why this beach is also the proud owner of the Blue Flag.
Nevertheless, it’s also somewhat hidden and not easily accessible; you can reach it on foot from South and North and of course by the sea (it contains a small port). This beach is also very suitable for small children because of the shallow entrance.

In the immediate proximity of the city of Rovinj (only 2,5 km from the center) is the very popular camp Polari, stretching over the area of 60 ha. The nudist part of this camp is called Punta Eva and is separated from the rest of the camp and the textile beach. The beach itself is 2 km long, and you can choose the pools and even lawns for sunbathing. Actually, Polari is a real resort, and like every small town, it has its own supermarket, bars, restaurants, a pub, etc, as well as a rich offer of recreational activities: snorkeling, diving, beach volley, mini golf, riding horses, basketball, cycling, free climbing, fishing, table tennis, surfing… you name it!

The luxurious tourist resort Villas Rubin contains a small nudist beach along the lawn with olive trees. The nudist area is separated from the rest of the resort by the pine and olive trees. This is a place for ones who like both an active and a calm vacation and, of course, for people who wish to afford themselves the luxury. This beach also has a Blue Flag, and its grounds are mixed: concrete, rocks and pebble, making the sea around it very clear.

Crveni otok (”The Red Island”) near Rovinj are actually two connected islands. St. Andrija and Maškin have been one of the favorite nudist attractions for quite some time now. There are a lot of rocky beaches on this island, spiced with a number of lagoons with pebbly terrain. The most visited are the ones to the South of the island since they offer more places with infrastructure and activities. But if you want to sunbathe in peace and quiet, you’ll have to go towards the West side of the island, where is usually far less crowded. This island is well connected to Rovinj by a boat line which goes from its little port called Delfin to the island once per hour. The boat ride lasts merely 15 minutes.

One of the most popular tourist resorts in the area of Rovinj is the beach and camp Valalta. Any type of accommodation (including bungalows, hotel rooms, trailer parks and private accommodation) must be reserved beforehand if your vacation is 10 days or longer. This camp is considered as a luxurious one and also includes a water-park with a sledge and a pool, making Valalta the most popular destination for families with children.

The largest and the oldest ex-YU nudist settlement and resort is Koversada near Rovinj. This nudist area includes the nearby island, stretches over 100 ha and it can accommodate up to 6.000 tourists in bungalows, apartments, trailers, and campsites. Its beaches are very clean and carefully done and the sea is of a beautiful turquoise color. On the mainland, there’s a sandy beach with a gradual entrance into the sea and therefore convenient for small children.
There’s also an entrance for people with special needs. Apart from this beach, you can find several other small beaches with a lot of little bays and lagoons covered with concrete plateaus, rocks, and sand. As far as the island’s beach is concerned, it is mostly made of pebble. Having in mind all the info about this place, you can say that this nudist destination is suitable for everyone’s vacation; for singles, families, children, couples, especially for those who like to spend their vacation actively. Of course, count on renting sunshades, sun loungers and pedal boats here, and enjoy in restaurants, bars and, why not, on the sports courts.

The nudist camp and the beach ”The Green Lagoon” is the pride of town Poreč, since it gained a lot of recognition from tourist boards as the best camping space and, of course, the Blue Flag for its pristinely preserved nature. The Green Lagoon is also a resort ― all sorts of sport and other activities are available here and there is even a shopping center. Go there and enjoy yourself especially if money is not an issue.

Right across the town Poreč there is a fairy-tale islet of St. Nikola, just along the hotel Fortuna and the castle named Izabela. Although being small, this islet is very well connected by a scheduled transport to Poreč. It’s interesting for nudists is the South part of the island because its beaches and accommodation are somewhat hidden. You can also rent an apartment at the luxurious castle.

Ulika is the nudist beach in the area of Istra, located 8 km from Poreč. It’s also one of the popular Adriatic nudist resorts, with its sandy beach which you can find in the middle of a beautiful lagoon. There is also a camp, which is mostly described as ”clean, silent and intimate” by the previous visitors.

The nudist center Solaris near Poreč stretches over all of the Lantern peninsula, with 2.500 m coastline consisted mostly of beaches. All of them are the proud owners of The Blue Flag and they are also surrounded by a dense oak forest. This place is convenient for families because it offers the possibility for a very active vacation. The organizers make a very diverse and rich program known for beach volley, games for children and even the mini Olympics.

The rocky beach Ladin gaj is located in a delve near Karigador, around 8 km South from Umag. The south part of the delve is nudist, and you’ll find showers, toilets, changing rooms, sun loungers and sunshades. In the vicinity of this beach are also sports grounds, a camp, a store, a restaurant, a bar, a pool and other facilities.

In the village Katoro (2 km from Umag) you will find what is maybe the most popular nudist destination of them all, named Sol Polynesia. Actually, just one part of this place, which is separated from the other by a pine forest, is reserved for nudists but that’s more than enough. The beach terrain is made of grass and rocks and the sea is shallow and entrance is very gradual, so the place is very popular among nudist families with small children, and also with people with a disability since they have a designated entrance into the sea. The beaches in Umag are all very beautiful and nudism has a long tradition around here.
You’ll find showers, toilets, changing rooms, sun loungers, sunshades there and also facilities such as kids playground, sport grounds, pools, bars as well as a popular restaurant with traditional dishes from Istra.

The beach Savurdija is located just near the town of the same name, 8 km from Umag to the North. The sea is clean and the nature here is untouched. This beach is equipped with showers, changing rooms, a public toilet, a restaurant and a bar. The beach itself is located on a beautiful place, near the famous lighthouse, which makes night swimming quite a romantic event. But the main thing that comes to mind when you think about Savurdija are numerous surfers and kite surfers, who prefer this place because of the strong winds, similarly like Ada Bojana.

Another nudist pebble beach in Umag is part of a camp called Kanegra. It’s large and popular enough to offer various tourist attractions, sports, recreational events and activities, but, at the same time, it is separated by dense Mediterranean vegetation from the rest of the area, so you’ll find peace and quiet there after all. Making yourself comfortable is the main thing here.

Although Slovenia has a rich and long tradition of nudism and naturism, there are not many nudist beaches on its coast. Anyway, one of the most popular beaches is Strunjan, located in the middle between Izola and Piran. It is a beautiful, very clean and unofficial nudist beach made of small rocks and faces the Pirans church.

Mali raj (”The Little Paradise”) is a well-known nudist camp in Slovenia. It is surrounded by a forest and located on the right bank of the river Krka. The camp is well equipped with everything you need and it doesn’t lack in social activities, among which the most popular are hiking over the hill Kočevski rog and the kayak ride across the river. It has a lot of regular visitors, who come here to enjoy each other’s company and great atmosphere.

The Terme Laško is probably the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia. It is a part of the Termana Park, a wellness center located on the confluence of the rivers Savinja and Rečica. Besides saunas, there are a turkish bath, a thermal pool and a pool with cold water, ice rubbing, lakonijum, etc. The saunas in Slovenia are predominantly nudist, but what is far less known is that in some of them sex is allowed! And you can ask at the sauna reception about that.

Wellness Orhideia is part of the wellness resort Termae Olimpia located in Snovnik (Čatez in Dolenjske Toplice). There are some nudist swimming pools in this center, but there is even an artificial nudist beach with thermal water on the terrace and that’s why it’s known as ”the paradise between ground and sky”. This is the most prestigious Slovenian wellness center and true architectural gem which has also the lighting cave at the same level as the pools and a slow river, the underwater music, the chocolate sauna, the honey massage, the room with water beds…

On the border of Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria is the Sončni gaj, the first nudist camp with thermal water in all the Europe. The camp lovers will be delighted by its nature and by its sanitary standard (especially for one camp). Sončni gaj is totally equipped with everything its visitors might need, and more.

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